Taylor won’t reveal his vote in leadership spill

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POLITICS: Hume Liberal MP Angus Taylor won’t reveal who won his vote in the surprise leadership spill last night.

He has been a strong ally of Mr Abbott in the past.

Today, all he is saying is that the country needed to focus on governance and winning the next federal election.

Hume MP Angus Taylor accompanied Tony Abbott during a visit to Yass Mayor Rowena Abbey’s property last month. Pictured here with Brendan Abbey. PHOTO: Riley Brine

Prime Minister designate Malcolm Turnbull defeated Tony Abbott in a party room coup last night with 54 votes to 44.

Julie Bishop retained her deputy leader position, but admitted the leadership spill had been “difficult” and that there had been tears during the coup, as she underwent a major news media blitz to explain the situation this morning.

A staunch supporter of Mr Abbott in the past, she told commercial television outlets it was not easy to inform him he had lost the support of his cabinet.

“I was deeply concerned at the despair within the party room.

“The Prime Minister had asked for six months to turn things around and that had not occurred.

“I feel very sad for Tony and his family and it was not an easy decision for anyone to make.”

Mr Turnbull is expected to be sworn in as Prime Minister on Tuesday, making him the fifth Prime Minister in eight years.

Mr Abbott’s short reign fell three days shy of making him eligible to receive a prime ministerial pension.


Tony Abbott was defeated by Malcolm Turnbull 55-44. PHOTO: Katharyn Brine

Mr Taylor said it was now time to focus on a united party win in 2016.

“I recognise there are mixed views on the party’s decision to change leaders.

“A number of people have shared their opinions and I value all of them. For me, it’s a resounding message to supporters and the electorate, about our determination to deliver our economic agenda and defeat Bill Shorten at the next election,” he posted on social media.

“It’s time to renew our focus on new fast-growing markets and creating jobs through small business investment and innovation.

“This will define the future of the country, and is bigger than any one of us.

“I urge the party faithful to unite behind our clear aim. From here on in, we are all about securing an emphatic win in 2016 and continuing to rebuild our great nation.”


Barnaby Joyce with the PM and Angus Taylor. PHOTO: Riley Brine

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott with Angus Taylor and Barnaby Joyce during a visit to Yass last month. PHOTO: Riley Brine

Yass Mayor Rowena Abbey, who hosted Mr Abbott on their property Bellevale* for a doorstop press conference just last month, said she found Mr Abbott to be interesting and engaging during the visit.

“He was interested in what was going on out at the farm and was engaging and interesting,” she told Scoop.

“He achieved a lot in the time he was there [in parliament].

“I am looking forward to the next leader being able to achieve great things for us as well.”



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