Binalong fire burns 35 hectares

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BREAKING: Firefighters are currently attending a 35-hectare grass fire on Glengarry Road at Binalong.

Its status is current out-of-control, but several Rural Fire Service units are close to bringing it under control and do not require any additional units, RFS zone manager Peter Alley told Scoop at 12.55pm today.

It’s believed the fire has spread down into a gully and despite the strong winds, was not making much progress now, he said.

“It’s still going, it’s running into a deep paddock, but not making a lot of progress now. There are a number of units there and still more to come in. But we’re just about on top of it.”

The area burned was being mapped as we spoke, but it’s believed to have covered about 35 hectares.

No one has been injured and there has been minimal property damage.

Two other fires in the vacinity today, one at Maginot, Uriarra (37km from Yass) and another at Cunningar Road, Boorowa, are now under control.


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