Meeting to consider heated pool possibilities

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Yass Valley Council is calling on interested residents to form a community committee to investigate the viability of a heated swimming pool in Yass.

They will host a feasibility information night at the Memorial Hall on Thursday night, 6.30pm, with the public invited to attend.

A steering committee will be set up consisting of 15 people council hopes will be widely representative of the community, including sporting groups, community groups and medical professionals interested in investing in the centre.

“The Steering Committee will work together with an experienced indoor pool consultant to establish what our community wants and needs,” said Yass Valley Mayor, Rowena Abbey.

“It was decided not to include councillors or staff on this committee as it saw the need for this project to be driven by the community.”

The purpose of the steering committee will be to report back to council on the type of indoor pool that the community might desire and how this may be achieved.

Council said while the steering committee will work independently of council, the consultant will provide technical expertise to allow the committee to fully consider all the parameters associated with the feasibility of an indoor pool.

Potential stakeholders might include those operating learn to swim class and lap swimming club representatives, sporting clubs likely to incorporate swimming into their training, primary and high school principals, parent and playgroup representatives, aged care facilities directors, health patient advocates, physiotherapists and local health district personnel.

Anyone interested in this project is encouraged to attend the information session tonight 6:30pm at Yass Memorial Hall.

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